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What We Do

9019 BAM! is a private arbitration and mediation service in California for resolving complex bankruptcy and commercial disputes. Our neutrals are well respected bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorneys with a broad based level of experience in resolving complicated commercial and bankruptcy disputes in state and Federal Courts throughout the United States, including actual experience trying complex cases.

How It Works

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Why You Need Us

Clients and lawyers alike are frustrated by the significant delays and backlogs in courts throughout California. Mediation or arbitration can provide a quicker result, but lawyers can be reluctant to risk their client’s time, money and fate with neutrals who do not possess the specialized experience required for certain complex matters. That’s where we come in.

Why We Are Different

Our neutrals have the real world experience in bankruptcy and commercial matters required to resolve these types of sophisticated disputes. Our approach to mediation and arbitration is thoughtful, creative and above all, practical and efficient. Parties can quickly select a neutral, propose and confirm dates and easily address complicated scheduling issues that often hinder the mediation and arbitration process. All of this drives our guiding principle: If we cannot add value to mediation and arbitration, we will not take the matter.

Arbitration In Bankruptcy Is A Viable Alternative

Not many practitioners realize that Bankruptcy Rule 9019(c) allows contested matters to be resolved by arbitration if the parties agree. We believe this provision is vastly underutilized, but can provide a more efficient resolution process than the courts. Valuation disputes in particular lend themselves to resolution in this manner, especially through “baseball arbitration” where the arbitrator will select one party’s figure or the other.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the type of input and evaluative approach that settles cases. We are dedicated to a neutral, constructive, businesslike and honest approach to mediation and arbitration. 9019 BAM! is an independent service.